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HOW IT BEGAN:  During a visit to the Naval Aviation Museum, President H.W. Bush discussed the positive impact baseball had on morale during WWII.  His comments initiated the development of military baseball in the modern era.  Over two decades later, we are the only program in history to wear camouflage uniforms with historical references to represent all branches of the military and first responders on one team. 

WHO WE ARE: Since 1990, more than 25,000 armed forces personnel have represented their service while paying their own expenses with a philosophy of HUSTLE, THINK, WIN!  We are the "Globetrotters" of baseball. As the largest, fastest growing and most successful barnstorming team ever created, delivering competitive, exciting "must see" patriotic entertainment enjoyed by millions visiting over 45 states and 8 countries while competing against the some of the finest organizations in the world including the Boston Red Sox. 

WHAT WE DO: Established to compete in 100 games annually at all levels while providing direct support to the State Department, Department of Defense and Recruiting while conducting over 350 appearances including international Friendship Tours on behalf of  Major Commands, Military Installations and Command Visits to benefit Veterans and Youth charities.

WHY WE DO IT:  The historic “Red, White and Blue Tour" delivers unique patriotic events designed to honor America.  We conduct a choreographed pre-game that includes "Passing the Flag" and "Walk of Honor" ceremonies to celebrate American history in a moving tribute to those lost in the 9:11 tragedy.  Our MISSION:  “To Promote the Awareness of all Americans in Support of the Honorable Sacrifices our Armed Forces make at the Tip of the Spear”  is based on the prominent yellow ribbon in the shape of an “S” located "front and center" in our distinctive “USA” logo symbolizes "Support" for our Troops and Veterans.

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